Ace Attorney Vs. Rhythm Heaven Fever – 10th Remix

A fun little crossover between Ace Attorney and Rhythm Heaven.

I’ve been playing a little bit of Rhythm Heaven Fever, so I decided to look up some videos of the harder remixes. And holy shit, Remix 10 is fucking amazing. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it first.

I mostly did this video because it seemed like a fun challenge, to see if I could find a way to use the limited Ace Attorney sprites to make a semi-decent looking Rhythm Heaven parody. It was a really good editing test, as well. It helped me get better at editing with rhythm, which will help with a lot of future shit I’m planning on.


Holy shit, I did not expect this to become my most popular video, but I can see why you all like it. It’s one of the videos I’m most proud of, and I’m glad you all have enjoyed it. Just a fair warning though, this is not my usual type of video. The main thing on my channel concerning Ace Attorney is my super cool parody series, “Ace Idiot”. If you enjoy this video, I’m sure you’ll enjoy my series!

LVMPD Sergeant Lies To Attorney While His Officers Violate Citizens’ Rights

Attorney Stephen P. Stubbs
(702) 493-1040

LVMPD Sargent Lies to Attorney While His Officers Violate Citizens’ Rights

April 1, 2017

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright OST Complete

01) 0:00 “Gyakuten Saiban – Prologue”
02) 0:41 “Courtroom Lobby ~ Beginning Overture”
03) 2:00 “Gyakuten Saiban – Trial”
04) 3:51 “Questioning ~ Moderato 2001”
05) 5:37 “Logic and Trick”
06) 8:11 “Ryuichi Naruhodo ~ Objection! 2001”
07) 9:25 “Questioning ~ Allegro 2001”
08) 11:34 “Pressing Pursuit ~ Cornered”
09) 13:12 “Telling the Truth 2001”
10) 14:33 “Suspense”
11) 16:07 “Pressing Pursuit ~ Cornered – Variation”
12) 17:39 “Jingle ~ It Can’t End Here”
13) 17:48 “Investigation ~ Opening 2001”
14) 19:39 “Mayoi Ayasato ~ Turnabout Sisters Theme 2001”
15) 22:21 “Detention Center ~ Jailers’ Elegy”
16) 24:12 “Keisuke Itonokogiri ~ Detective Itonoko”
17) 26:15 “Recollection ~ Heartbroken Mayoi”
18) 28:50 “Soranosuke Hoshikage ~ Old Age, Regret, Retribution”
19) 30:30 “Happy People”
20) 31:40 “Recollection ~ Light and Shadow of the Film Studio”
21) 33:01 “Oo-edo Soldier Tonosaman”
22) 35:03 “Recollection ~ The DL6 Case”
23) 37:09 “Investigation ~ Core 2001”
24) 39:09 “Recollection ~ School Trial”
25) 40:29 “Victory! ~ The First Victory”
26) 42:23 “Gyakuten Saiban – End”
27) 44:49 “Gyakuten Sisters Ballad”
28) 46:46 “Turnabout Revival – Prologue”
29) 47:24 “Recollection ~ The SL9 Case”
30) 49:04 “Akane Houzuki ~ Turnabout Sisters Theme 2005”
31) 50:55 “Taiho-kun ~ I Want to Protect You”
32) 52:17 “Kyosuke Zaimon ~ Detective From the Wilderness”
33) 54:03 “Kaiji Ganto ~ Swimming, Anyone”
34) 56:06 “Turnabout Revival – End”

Justice For All OST:
Dual Destinies OST:
Miles Edgeworth 1 OST:
Apollo Justice OST:

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Did Donald Trump Bribe The Florida Attorney General?

Pam Bondi, Florida’s AG, accepted a campaign donation from the candidate just days before dropping a fraud investigation into Trump University. Was it wrong, or so wrong it’s right? Guess what Donald Trump thinks.

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Attorney Ad – SNL

Clients (Aziz Ansari, Sasheer Zamata, Melissa Villaseñor, Pete Davidson) share how they were helped by the law firm of Broderick (Kate McKinnon) & Ganz (Bobby Moynihan).

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions will appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.

Dirty Cops Caught Stealing Attorney’s Documents In Court From Her Breif Case

Cops already being investigated by the justice department , getting caught on camera after stealing attorney’s documents out of her brief case! Maricopa County
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Ace Attorney – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Zurachi

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In this episode we take a look at some facts, secrets, and history of the Ace Attorney series. Ace Attorney is a series of court room visual novel video games, created by Shu Takumi and Capcom. The first three games were at first exclusive to Japan, and released on the Game Boy Advance. They were later localized to English and ported to the Nintendo DS, taking advantage of the DS touchscreen. The games have also been ported to PC, Wii, and subsequent titles were developed for the DS and Nintendo 3DS systems.

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