Arrested For Using SSN & Secret Trust TDA – Attorney Heather Tucci Gives Insight To Pre-Trial

This is a very interesting topic that we are closing following regarding the Randell Keith Beane case.

Conference call with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, Lisa M. Harrison, BZ Riger, Terran, Bob Wright, Val and Alex about the the status of Randall Keith Beane and coming unfettered access to our TDA accounts.

He was able to create various CD’s in this name using his very own TDA Account that he has 100% ownership of.

The arrest of Randell Beane was a wrongful arrest, and will be cleared up soon. We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops.

Please review the video in it’s entirety to understand exactly all the events that took place.

The documents produced were the following:



This case has been getting a lot of attention lately regarding the topics. Randell is being defended by Attorney Heather Tucci and has extensive knowledge of what is going on.

I have uploaded the entire conversation for everyone to review. Things look good and should get answers soon regarding the events.